Smart way to Data Governance

Understand your Data

Learn more about the Data you have.
Discover patterns that can be harnessed to provided extraordinary insights.

Mitigate your Data Risk

Identify and tag PII Data throughout your Application Systems and Data bases to address new regulations, such as CCPA and GDPR.

Discover Outliers in your Data

Automatically understand your data trends and proactively use alerts to identify Anomalies in your Dataset.


Automate Data Governance and Quality

eGGHEAD Ai is an AI-based solution that autonomously discovers data quality issues and business rules, and identifies sensitive and privacy data for any given dataset. Leveraging our proprietary Machine Learning algorithms, Simply DQ scans existing data sources and identifies data quality rules, statistics and metrics.

eGGHEAD Ai enables organizations to identify and guards against (using encryption and other strategies) privacy, regulatory and compliance risks.


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